Meg Taylor

some previously published, some samizdat,
on aspects of childbirth other than the biomedical

Authoritarianism, Conformity and Compliance
Book Review. Promoting Equality by Neil Thompson
Book Review. Pregnancy, Birth and Maternity Care: feminist perspectives. Edited by Mary Stewart
Childbirth, the Crisis in Midwifery and Institutional Defences
How Things Were Before Ultrasound
Is Midwifery Dying?
Labour and Sexuality
Labour and Spirituality
Letter to Midwifery Matters on Celibacy and Childbearing
Letter to Midwifery Matters on the spiritual and pre-scientific beliefs about the third stage
Letter to Midwifery Matters on Mental Health
Letter to The Psychologist on Fetal Psychology
Mary Cronk
Midwifery as an unevaluated intervention: a response to Liz Nightingale
Obstetric and Midwifery Thinking
Psychoanalysis and Midwifery
Social Iatrogenesis and Tokophobia
The Midwife as Container
The Professional Autonomy of Midwives: what is it?
Thoughts on pollution, disassociation and risk assessment
Thoughts on Science, RCTs and Midwifery Knowledge
'Vaginal' Surgery